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Land Reclamation
No 44 (2)

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MICHEL M.M. Study of application the modified chalcedonite for underground water treatment

KAZIMIERCZAK M. Sewage sludge stabilization indicators in aerobic digestion - a review

FRˇK M., BARYŁA A. Assessment of the state of water quality of the Dzierzgoń Lake using chemical and biological indicators

KOZIOŁ A.P. The Kolmogorov's microscale eddies in a compound channel
MALINOWSKA E. Determination of the coefficient of consolidation in soft organic soils using ACONS

SAS W., GŁUCHOWSKI A., SZYMAŃSKI A. Determination of the Resilient modulus MR for the lime stabilized clay obtained from the repeated loading CBR tests

KARABOVÁ B., SIKORSKA A.E., BANASIK K., KOHNOVÁ S. Parameters determination of a conceptual rainfall-runoff model for a small catchment in the Carpathians

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